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Task Organization for Thought and Strategic studies


About Us

The Task Organization for Thought and Strategic Studies (TOTSS) is a nonprofit public policy organization based in Erbil-Iraq. Our main task is to conduct in-depth research thatleads to new ideas for solving problems facing the

Kurdistan Region internally and externally in the field ofcombating extremism

and addressing socio-political and economic problems of the region.

Our Mission

TOTSS mission is to foster peaceful co-existence between Kurds and their neighbors through collaborative and interdisciplinary research, enrich the strategic debate and provide decision-makers both in the public and privatesectors with authoritative and independent information, analysis and


TOTSS brings together leading experts in government and academia from all over Iraq who provide the highest quality research, policy recommendations, and analysis on a full range of public policy issues.

Dr. Othman Ali, the president and Chairman of the Board

and the head of our management staff.

HYPERLINK “https://www.brookings.edu/about-us/board-of-trustees/” Our

Board of TrusteesThe TOTSS Board of Trustees is a governing body composed of distinguished individuals from a variety of backgrounds. The Board has a responsibility for the Institution’s leadership, integrity, financial health, andscholarly independence.

Our History:

The TOTSS was established in Erbil in July 21017 and it isdevoted to the twin task of reforming and development of thought and analyzing policy issues at the national level.


As a research and policy recommending institution, TOTSS provides a forum for international dialog to bring different views together with international scholarly standards, and contributes to the formation of a common ground.

Through research reports, publications, brain storming sessions, conferences and policy recommendations, TOTSS seeks to guide leaders in government, civil society and business and contributes to the informed decision makingmechanisms in Kurdistan Region and Iraq.


We publish reports and periodical in Kurdish, Arabic, Turkish, and English Briefs on events Special Reports on Events Policy papers A Journal. In the form of a periodical dedicated to research papers in thought and strategic studies Center’s year book about KRG

Other activities:

Seminars on regular basis on issues relating to thought or political maters Acts as a bridge between intellectuals from KRG and their counterparts in Turkey and Iraq through holding joint seminars and events. We try to facilitate KRG students’ desire to study in Turkey in the form ofscholarships, student exchange, and research grants.

Email: totsstask@gmail.com

Web: www.facebook.com/totss.task.3

Mob: +964 750 740 0898

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